1. Cheers brother and i'm also from Oregon. Oregon Coast stays cool, wet and humid 85% times, so my mites have never been a issue really. Mould is are issue on the coast… ughhh. Spraying the leaves is a super idea!! I hope you have a awesome summer! btw looking forward to more videos 🙂 im subbing

  2. Hey man you seem like you are a nice guy. let me tell you, those temps will not only fuck up environment, but they will also attract all bad pests. "I once got spider mites, a GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) from a friend with spider mite Infestation". Once I figured out it had mites, I put it outside, for the summer grow. Mites disappeared and same with the ones in my grow room. I hate, running my temp past seventy seven degrees, " I know at that point, conditions are right for any pest". I hope this helps, and thank you so much for your videos. Also, a very dry room bugs tend to like as well. Peace and Love

  3. Sorry to see the poor girl riddled, to combat the infestation I would get a bottle of household disinfectant and put a teaspoon of any type of vinegar preferably white to it and spray your grow room down that will stop the little f#ckers!!!
    Growers love!!! ??

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