Growing weed with cheap amazon lights (fox farm nutirents)

What nutrients i decided to use and why all videos are for educational purposes and meant for adults 18 and above fox farm feeding schedule …


  1. Good work man! I'm on my 1st grow with foxfarm and a lot of videos i watch when it comes with foxfarm nutes says not to feed till after 4-6 weeks because the soil is so rich. How early do you feed and do you follow the ff guide precisely?

  2. New here i have a plant green crack from crop kings and they told me they seed dont do good in fox farm soil its too rich i still got it planted and im ordering more soil without nutrients can't let this plant go to waiste already had to throw away 2 plants not for the soil tho personal issue my question is is fox farm soil good for crop king seeds

  3. There is nothing wrong with Fox farm nutrients if you use them correctly…. there seems to be a lot of Fox farm haters in the comments. A little bit of advice, try not to buy led grow lights from Amazon a lot of the specs are false. you will get results but could do much better for a little more investment… I am not a seller but will recommend one if anyone is interested…??

  4. Hey, I'm grow I'm soil, looking forward to my first feed. I have all your nutrients, pH up and down, and calmag here at home but my pH meter broke in a freak accident. I have 1/2 gallon 7.0 tsp water containers, what should I do for my first feeding? Waiting for a new pH meter in the mail that will take a couple weeks

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  6. Do you think is a good idea for me to start practicing by growing bagseed.first? I dont wanna start right away by buying expensive seed strains and messing them up and wasting money

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