Growing Weed TRICHOMES in Liquid Media Bioreactors?! | BioHarvest Sciences

Growing Weed TRICHOMES in Liquid Media Bioreactors?! | BioHarvest Sciences CEO Ilan Sobel | Full Interview BioHarvest is the world’s first and only …


  1. This company is going to “sell-out” and make cannabis another monopolized industry , corporate assholes are going to be all over this… This will be the death of the cannabis industry as we know it today if this project continues to move forward

  2. I have a question. What does this product look like in plant form? 100% Consistency in plant form is impossible. Prove that this isn't just bullshit flat earth level stuff. Explain the occurrence of this process, where it takes place under what conditions.

  3. Sounds like a terrible door to be opened and controlled by big pharma and biotech oligopolies. Bad bad idea. This will allow big pharma and big biotech industries to control cannabis via patents and such. It will facilitate more restrictive legislation on the prospective legal market, preventing/hindering home grow, craft cannabis, and such. A cannabis industry infrastructure that lends control and power to conglomerate corporations, rather than the people.

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