18+ GROWING CANNABIS OUTDOORS AND OFF THE GRID #14 Top Shelf Grower brings you fire Purple Bruce Banner #3 and Purple Queen. It’s day 98 the …


  1. Hey ! Do you use any chemicals to feed them ?! … or you just mixed the soil with organic nutrients ?! Can you please put a vedio how and what and when you feed your plant the hole season thank you

  2. Purple Queen might be related to Purple Og and the Purple Og is never Purple. They call it Purple Og because of the smell, kinda smell like a grape, with hints of candy and mint.

  3. Amazing job that you have done realy i wanna grow some plants like you in the spring im gonna plant some girls dude. Im not sure what but I wanna try the fat banana with 25thc and 5weeks off grow start to end i still dkn. Congratulations perfect girl that u have there enjoy them.

  4. they faded out nice. everything looks great. lovely my friend. frosty and Beautiful colors. I've been looking for them Bruce banners… I found a site but not able to purchase for some reason. ?? hmm ?

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