Grow Talk 1162: Dealing With Power Outages, Bottom Feeding, & When To Harvest For CBD

Or Go To The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out And Waking And Baking And …


  1. Been bottom watering with radical pots for 2 months. No water from the top. My plants are looking amazing and heathy. I literally dunk 1/2 of each radical pot by hand in a mixture of nutes for about 30sec. Raise it out and let it drain before placing back. As soon as my clones come out the dome they are getting bottom fed. It works.

  2. Hey dude I think watering with dehumidifier water contains aluminum which may affect your grow,I was doing it in The past but then heard of a company which uses stainless steel in their dehumidifier so they can reuse their water but my dehu is aluminum

  3. Lost power in storm a few weeks ago… for 6 days.
    Was 41 degrees in room.
    Power came on and they were praying.
    It took a few days for them to get active again.
    They are not looking great but alive and flowers are forming.
    They are autoflowers.

  4. I notice you always have growers recharge in the background. Is there any benefit to using it in coco or is it strictly for soil?
    Would I be better off just running some root boosters for the first 2 weeks with coco?

  5. Octopot waters from the bottom in standing water.. the fabric pot sits in water 24/7. not the way I would grow but I see people doing it. look up Octogrower on youtube.

  6. I've had tons of stashs and always more than 1. Fake Electrical Panels work great. Nobodys wants to touch it especially if ya throw a high voltage sticker on it. Plus you can buy fake heat vents with IRFD cards to unlock them you'd never know. Or go old school paint cans buried under a tree. At least until ya can wash it.

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