1. Simpson's are Springfield IL. , Use a mechanical light controller like a Titan and you will not have the problem with some of the lights being on during Dark Times . This is the 1 I use here Titan Controls® Helios® 12 – 8 Light 240 V Controller with Dual Trigger Cords<- 1 light Controller to Run 2 Rooms with Dif. Cycles. For CO2 I use Tanks No Flames in my Grow

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  3. I would like to add to everyone's better understanding of transsexual women. I have worked with transsexual women and I want to settle the conflict. All men and women need to understand and be compassionate towards men who experience confusion when they realize that they are attracted to a transsexual woman. A transsexual woman is by no mean expected to, nor required to let anyone know what body they were born with. There is no dispute that all straight and gay women may choose and seek to be subject to male attraction at their consent. Therefore, we need to work together with all men to help them understand the confusion that can happen when they learn that their peer was born with the same sexual organs as them. Let us not pretend that men may be going through the five stages of grief on behalf of their trans-sexual peer, and let us not pretend that these emotions are not valid. The key is to the conflict is to acknowledge and validate these emotions so that they can be processed and resolved. It was my experience that I was alone when I went through this processing. Since, trans-sexuality seems to be widely misunderstood, I think we could help each other correct our attitudes towards what is actually going on in our communities.

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