Grow Talk 1152: Organic pH Down, Saving A Strain With Re-Veg, & Soil Bugs

Or Go To The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out And Waking And Baking And Answering Your Grow Talk Questions Like …


  1. I love getting on U tube and seeing you guys on ,what a great grow show ,I wish I had more questions and info ,but just love watching you 3 do your thing ,keep it up !

  2. It was called if you want to call someone who gives a shit call 1-800 -eat -shit I think is what your thinking of ,great show guys ,keep up the great talk, peace be with you from a fellow grower !

  3. one thing with the worms is take note how he said adding the straw and what not to the top soil because Yes they do feed on decomposing materials and once they run out of them they will climb out of the grow pots like has happened to me many times growing no till for a couple years lol they also smell soil and head for other house plants. nothing better then waking up to a trail of worms from your potters half dried up and head the other half salvageable. i use to aggressive leaf strip and use that as my top mulch but those little bastards would shock you how quick they can break stuff down! once i added addition feeding like straw they didnt run away. cheers!

  4. Funny u say that I was at hydro store last week and needed a lupe so he’s showing me what they have and asks ooh is it for bugs I was like nope trikes he just looked at me for sec was like ooh this one perfect then

  5. sweet, thanks for the kind words on my buds in this episode. (Nunyabizz)
    Although Ferticell Universal Algae is not really the same as Kelp.
    Google Ferticell Universal Algae for a better explanation than what i can give here.

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