Grow Talk 1149: PTSD & Cannabis, How To Setup A Hempy Bucket, & Low Temp Gardens

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  1. the curse of mankind.. we are children , and we think we know best , fuck the rest,, when thc was the value of weed, and how many weeks does it take..
    i have had a jack herrer scar in my psyche , and had to give smoking a rest for over a year i had panic attacks when i smoke any cannabises..

    cbn and cbd mellows out thc high and its more enjoyable , and healthy effects ,, 20 + amber ,, 50 + is too far in my experience, but that's me..

    don't smoke clear , and white trichomes friend.. you wouldn't eat green strawberry's , would you?, the acid content is close to lemon , its natural to defend seeds from early harvest, animals will stay away , till its ripe and the balance is achieved

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  3. I wanted to add to your understanding of PTSD. When I did EMDR therapy I would recall in words, and in my mind, troublesome events in my life while under left/right stimulation and too my surprise the type of crying emotion would well up, the kind where you are gasping for air. My understanding of it is that when you experience a traumatic event in your life you are supposed to, as a healthy individual, process those events when you sleep. By processing I mean collect information from the emotion and store it so that you do not have to store the emotion. I did not finish healing the events from 1-5 years old through EMDR. Today, when I am having a psychotic episode it is as though I am feeling all the emotion that I felt when I 1st experienced the event. Therefore, my experience of PTSD is the recollection of all the strong emotions of a past event in a present seemingly unrelated event. PTSD is the experience of two events simultaneously. There is no amount of reasoning through the emotion and the triggers, it has to be done in your subconscious and unconscious, when you are sleeping. If not, then you just have to resist the urge to react to the emotional triggers and suffer through it. Unfortunately, many of the people in your life can control you and use it against you by controlling your weakness if you have no one to protect you.

  4. I’ve missed these. Quit fuckin with the boys YouTube. They ain’t telling anyone to do anything illegal. There are far more offensive and dangerous things you allow on here. You don’t partake in the herb, cool. Leave us the fuck alone

  5. confusion abounds 2 Dgc:s in one day , must be the episodes they could not DL because of the TUBE_POLICE first the clones then PTSD and Low temp gards I will watch and learn then forget and have to re-watch to re-learn oh life is very very good when a Dgc pod is up to watch and spread the knowledge of the wonder plant we know as Cannabis. Bring it on you Bastions of brilliance and fill my empty head (don't mind the dust, cleaning lady quit) thank you

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