1. NM had a large surplus, mostly from oil/gas. She spent it. She fully supports elimination of that industry (oil/gas) and is super duper happy that so many in the oil/gas "community" lost their jobs. Now, she wants any revenue from potential mj sales to go exclusively to unspecified "communities" – by process of elimination said "communities" don't include oil/gas ppl that lost their jobs. Hello, Venezuela

  2. Legalize weed!! Give convicted drugdealers a free luxury home and 3 free meals!! Give convicted drug dealers thier voting rights back!! Eliminate the "felony conviction box" on job applications!! Hug and embrace convicted drug dealer/murderers on your political campaign posters!!


  3. -cannabis

    American obsession with this stuff is so funny. You can just smoke random grass just to get the same placebo effect. In the Czech Republic such thing happens and the tourists enjoy smoking it

  4. i hope they legalize it everywhere SOON. they already know they are going to legalize it. may as well do it sooner than later theyre already going to be kicking themselves for all the lost revenue and wasted tax dollars.

  5. I would like the government give a hoot about families the ones that have loved ones in senior living homes and cannot have a get together even if they are doing the same as they do standing 6 foot apart and wearing masks and this thing of talking to them thru a window and being timed 20 minutes for visit is really insane who is going to catch it thru a window and if they do then maybe they should make it a law no one could be able to have the get together in homes everyone should be like cjed away from all but it is nice t the case so it should not be in rest homes that is their place they live at and you cannot shut your door to families then why expected in rest homes

  6. This can bring much needed jobs new economy more money better life's and jus help in all general. I m a farmer and I know the plant world highest profits along with most made products from one plant. This can really help n.m folks agricultural jobs etc. We're watching everyone around us make money but now it's time to strick the soil and grow money for new Mexicans

  7. Create new business?! She and the Biden administration just destroyed all Oil and Gas revenue from New Mexico. NOW THATS BILLIONS! Gotta think her priorities are screwed up! How many good paying jobs will be created by the sale of pot vs. those jobs lost in the oil and gas industry in New Mexico? Once again, the notorious MLG is happy and content to shove her agenda down the throats of New Mexico taxpayers!

  8. We’re losing money plane and simple. Texans are traveling through on their way to CO. Now AZ. Soon Oklahoma will be next. This is so dumb, NM could have been making money off of taxes for years now.

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