Get On The Cannabus Episode 23 NJ Weed Legalization feat. Dioh Williams (@whoisdioh)

NJ Weedman has on his business associate, Dioh Williams, to talk about the legalization bill signed by Phil Murphy. Come through to NJ Weedman’s joint every …


  1. Congratulations NJ weedman. This was all you really. How many days did you do in jail and or prison for this plant? We owe you a large large large Thanksgiving hug. God bless you and your family of honorable men and women. Now let's honor the memory of Fred Hampton and start a breakfast program ran and lead by dark skinned brothers like you and your compadres for the children. Let's give them something to look up to and somewhere to go for guidance and help. Let us interested white folks fund it and serve yall in whatever capacity we can and work with the poor white folks in the same neighborhoods.

  2. We the people want Murphy out!! He’s a fraud! The state clearly trying to bank off it’s residents by continuing to make recreational home grow illegal! As if times aren’t tough enough!! I am not paying $65 for an eighth of an ounce!

  3. Me and my daughter were driving back from South Dakota to New Jersey so we stopped in Chicago actually Schaumburg Illinois and we went to The dispensary. I circulated 345 for a half and a half a gram for the vape pen. Taxes were ridiculous. so I'm sure Jersey is going to put something in place like that… And you could buy only up to a half ounce a day in flower ??…

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