We feel like, as crazy as it sounds, we’re still just beginning.” From struggling to provide the purest oils to funding the venture without investors, doTERRA® has …


  1. I can honestly say I'm alive and I'm blessed and happy because of Doterra (long story but I mean it literally)! Words cannot convey the gratitude I feel for them and their little bottles!

  2. Beautiful beautiful video, I cry and feel so proud to be a wellness advocate, working for that freedom, thank you so much for the opportunity. May God continue in guiding the leadership team. Saludos desde Costa Rica

  3. Anyone else cry everytime Emily Wright tears up? 😢 This company is life changing and the Gifts of the Earth they have. I have fallen in love with this company and these amazing oils. This video is part of what was shown at convention and I was balling like a baby because their heart for humanity and life ❤ and sharing the oils with the world and strengthening 3 world countries and many other causes are pure 💖 Pursue whats pure. As always Go live…Barefoot and Free

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