1. Have you had enough of Trump AND Hillary?
    Many voters do not know that there is an alternative!

    Announcing “Operation: Contact the Media!”

    It is national disgrace that 61 percent or more of Americans do not realize that there is a choice this election that:
    1. Is neither Hillary nor Trump
    2. Will be on the ballot in all 50 states.
    3. Is polling in double digits, and is ahead of Hillary in some polls
    4. Is threatening to qualify for the presidential debates this fall

    If you want a third choice this election, please contact the media now and insist they grant an exclusive interview to Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and cover him more frequently. It only takes a minute to make a difference in this election!

    How to find media contact information:

    Google: “[name of media outlet] editorial staff”
    Example: Google: “New York Times editorial staff”

    LA Times Editorial Staff


    MSNBC News Contact

    ABC News Contact

    CBS News Contact

    New York Times Editorial Staff

    New York Post Editorial Staff

    Washington Post Editorial Staff

    Salon Editorial Staff

    NPR Radio Contact

    Tonight Show Email

    NBC Feedback (Late Night with Seth Myers; Tonight Show)

    Get up off your chair, write the media now, and demand the media provide more coverage of and interviews with Gary Johnson!

    You can include the following talking points:
    1. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is polling at 12%, breaking third-party records in a presidential election since Ross Perot in 1992.
    2. Gary Johnson is competing against the most unpopular pair of establishment party candidates in American history.
    3. Johnson is only three points within reach to qualify for the presidential debates on the same stage as Hillary and Trump.
    4. An astounding 61% of voters are unaware that there is a third party candidate named Gary Johnson on the ballot.
    5. Gary Johnson's name is being unfairly excluded from 90% of presidential polls.
    6. The debate requirement that Johnson score 15% or higher in polls which exclude the name of any third party candidates is a "Catch 22" which is inherently unfair.
    7. Gary Johnson is very available for an exclusive interview, whereas Trump and Hillary are likely unavailable.
    8. There is no excuse for the media not to ask for an exclusive interview with Gary Johnson now while the story is hot.and there is still time for him to qualify to be included in the debates.

    You can stop Hillary AND Trump with just a minute of your time!
    Act Now and send an email to your favorite editor or reporter!
    Please also copy this post and paste it in every discussion board that discusses Trump or Hillary.

    Google "Gary Johnson"

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