1. I loved your vid a lot. I have been trying to look for a video that informs the stuff in this YouTube vid. ? ?Your explanation actually is like the content from Dr. Ethan! Dr Ethan's explanations are informative and I really learned a lot for midterms. He is an educational med student!

    Go check his channel out and give the Dr a like! ➡️ #DrEthanVideos

  2. You said the "G" word ? lol. I like how you never claim to know thing you dont. But I do agree that if your already "half cocked " and youve never smoked. Then you take a huge dabb .it could end badly

  3. It's true that some people shouldn't use cannabis. But they already have a problem, the weed doesn't cause it. People who rarely smoke should definitely be careful too. Some people shouldn't drink alcohol, it changes them in bad ways. But we're allowed to drink. Why should weed be different?

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