Foreign-owned shops in Durban CBD torched, looted

The foreign-national community in Durban is once again living in fear. Foreign-owned shops were targeted in the Durban CBD. Two of them were looted and set …


  1. I think there are lot of people that say that almost all foreigners do not pay : taxs to SARS ,income tax ,vat and they get easy access to come to South Africa ,then in 5 years time they marry locals and many get citizenship,we need to make out country great again ,we need to insure that all foreigners shops need to pay tax ,and the tax should be more then the South African as it should alway be in every country ,amen ,right is right ,I do not blame most of the local African or black ,not to be races ,but they angry because they paying a fee ,rent ,taxes and trying to make a living ,if one is selling one product ,then the foreigner will come and sell the same product at cheaper price ,slightly ,which destroys the local economy ,
    Truth be told legal foreigner ,most of them are not paying tax ,some come to say they came for work mean while they open business ,when government think they working ,but they making money and hidden it from SARS ,leave alone illegal drugs and also Legal foreigners

  2. I have a feeling this is just the beginning ..SAns are unemployed & hungry.. while foreigners are working…The media will be calling out xenophobic dismissing the deep rooted issues!!SABC employees lost their jobs u would think they would relate with citizens of SAns!

  3. These MK vets were given food in Mozambique, ZW, Zambia, Uganda, and elsewhere… There are no foreigners employed by the government probably apart from doctors.. even Julius stated this point!

  4. But…..why?… the foreign national who have private companies contribute to GDP????? Isn't that a good thing???? South Africans do not see anything either with their eyes or with their minds

  5. South African leaders (anc) has failed the youths. Life is not easy because of huge spread of poverty among the black communities and if there is no food for people to eat crime like this will always continue.

  6. Perpetrators must be arrested and the citizens of SA can we please push this ANC to take the issue of immigration seriously. Some misconceptions that all foreigners are destroying South African businesses need to be addressed. Not all foreign shops are selling counterfeit goods some are legit. How ever the influx of economic migrants is causing havoc in this country. Isn't there a maximum number for immigrants in all countries?

  7. Since this foreigners don't want to go this is the fastest way to enforce government to build those walls with the R6b budget spared for the borders and after soldiers should be deployed with police dogs and planted missiles if anyone who don't want to hold their government account instead of them watering their garden they are busy running from their countries and be on victim mode does ordinary SAns have a crocodile skin? Didn't black SAns suffer enough while they were enjoying their countries 'Apartheid, sanctions and poverty in 1992 and we never ran in our millions anywhere we were here enduring the pain now people don't want to build their economy and expect to be welcomed as unnecessary competition to the locals and don't want to follow the rules.

    Invest R5m down payment in the economy of SA. ANC stop shifting the burden of your refugee to the locals and build refugee camp for you asylum seekers stop all this madness and make SANS like they are nuts cases by forcing your refugees to integrate with locals you are the cause of this madness as the ruling party.
    After building those R6b borders deploy soldiers with dogs and plant missles and reconnect the electric fence in our borders. This madness you created been going on for long…

  8. Trust me is gonna get worse soon . If one foreigner come to country that mean one South African citizen has to loose one job because foreigners are cheap labours their can take uny money because disperation and poverty .new generation is gonna end up in drugs and crime . This people thier have to go back and sort out they are problems because is not gonna work out . 4 example if foreigner commit murder in south Africa no trace no fingerprints no justice

  9. The problem is we as South Africans have our own problems so we don't need other people coming to our country in huge numbers as them, we already have our own problems and they are just adding on them

  10. You all have it wrong. They came here to have a better life – they want to have a better life, so they started small but work to get their dreams. Many of our people just want to have, like they get matric on a tray with 30% and are to lazy to work. If you work hard you will get results. Go and ask every millionare ,they work more than 16 hours to get somewhere. Our people work 4 – 5 hours then they expect to get rich. Remember passing with 30- 40% means 30% clever and 70% stupid.

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