1. I would recommend the brand “Purlyf CBD” for delta 8 THC, they have regular distillate carts and they have disposable battery’s with the delta 8 oil already in them, you just charge it with a usb charger then you’re good to go, they also have the gummy’s in delta 8 thc

  2. I’m planning on traveling over seas and I wanna take a cartridge should I put it in a ziploc bag with my electric toothbrush and all my toilet shit in the open like that or should I get a bottle of Advil pills and put it inside the bottle fill it up and put it in my toilet bag which is safer?

  3. yo seb ,do you know xcodeh well i was just banned from his discord servers for defending myself against a bully ,if you Do see him tell him im disapointed because i thought he was a better person

  4. Hello love been watching the channel for a minute now but 45 years is nothing I’ve been now going on a little bit near 10. I dab edibles flour and do some other science stuff for fun but awesome real shit I feel like I need more but I still feel my high I don’t think you’ll ever get that high that you’re looking for again you will get a monumental feeling of it but it will never come back fully that’s a childhood thing cherry you pop

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