FIRST Indoor WEED? GROW | I CHOSE 11/13 Flower Schedule NOT 12/12

Welcome Back To My Channel Girly Ganja! In Todays Legal Cannabis Grow, lets talk GROW SCHEDULE! I wanted to share why I chose my grow schedule …


  1. Keeping recordings and articles is an awesome way to help remember all the different techniques out there. I like to take notes on the notes to help with retain all that knowledge. Still always go back to notes though ? Stay Frosty✌️??

  2. If you are growing with an 11 day and 13 night cycle then this has been medicinally tested and it was found that if you went to a 10.5 and 13.5 cycle then the plant’s would only produce 50% of their THC potential so there is bound to be a reduction with your timing since it’s within 30 minutes of the test!

  3. nice buds i am doing my first grow and i feel like I would mess up with changing from veg to flowering so I read that u can just do 12/12 from seed but im going to now do 11/13 from seed and see how that works out

  4. Haha you’re beasting it, next time just put the net up sooner so you can train the plants so the colas are all the same height. As they grow in flower you add another net and still do the same keep the canopies even. Keep it up!

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