First Experience with Hemp Derived CBD for Chronic Pain in Back and Limited Mobility

Suffering from chronic pain for several years, she notices an improvement in her husband’s health after taking a 50mg whole plant CBD supplement from …


  1. Arose freshman. I've heard that it's better to take it daily. Now I know it's expensive, and I don't know where you are or if you are in the USA. I' m in CA, and I've been obnoxious for years for severe pain (many parts of my body) and I've been taking and trying different combos, and the pain pills are going down, down down, and I'm not SUPPOSED to take cannabis or even CBD because my health insurance company doesn't approve of taking both and my doc says that their tests are so sensitive that they'll show positive for THC even with Carlottes Web. I wish you luck, and maybe this country is changing so that we can all get better naturally.

  2. Comment update: I am doing better. It really did significantly reduce the swelling in my joints. I do not taking it every day only when I know I am going to be doing work that will cause a flare up. I am very satisfied with the product.

  3. I am 60 years old in chronic pain from arthritis. I just started taking opioids for the pain. They work but I know the risks of addiction are terrifying. So I Just took my first dose of Charlottes Web CBD Everyday. It is legal now in Indiana. I don't believe anything will work for me. This is my last hope of living anything close to a normal life. Wish me luck.

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