Fight over VA marijuana legalization continues as lawmakers finalize bill

Both the Virginia House and Senate have passed bills to legalize marijuana. Now, lawmakers are working to reconcile the differences between the two …


  1. The woman with the problem has mental health issues that were exasperated by drug use in her youth and she wants to put that on everybody else, not everyone else is going to have the same issues as you we are all different people we all have different lives and different experiences otherwise what is the point! If you don’t wanna smoke weed don’t but don’t sit there and pretend like you know a damn thing about it. It is a plant! it was put here by the planet for our use and consumption if we so choose! It was only criminalized because a bunch of racist assholes saw that Black people enjoyed smoking it! It was legal along with opium and cocaine until the 20s when they discovered that so please read a book, or talk to somebody who lives a successful life who also enjoys cannabis.

    Side note: Realistically a homeless person could get off of the street by growing a plant and selling the flowers. But then once word got around, you wouldn’t have wage slaves to work in your factories, you might have to start paying people a desirable income.

  2. Get these racist white supremacy rules out of America ?? we want 420 freedom! Not stress ! Too much violence in this world already because of greed and hate ! Let’s get litt and laugh ?

  3. How about you raise your kids to make the right the decisions because it is what is "right" and not because it is some BS law you have imposed on everybody because church lady / nancy reagan here says it's bad. If your child has a desire to get high, then there are obviously other issues (bad parenting).

  4. Vote yes. Take the drug dealers out of the mix. The end result is a better, cheaper pot that is regulated, and much safer to use. You don't go to jail for a blunt unless you are hitting someone over the head with said object.

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