Federal Cannabis Legalization News – January 2021 – Cannabis News Roundup

Federal Cannabis Legalization News – January 2021 – Cannabis News Roundup Georgia turns blue! What does this mean for the M.O.R.E. Act? Trump grants …


  1. There is a small amount of the Tree of Life in all cannabis. Thank the honey bees for that. This is how the original Tree of Life is hidden from man. The bees crossbred the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. DNA research to separate the 2 trees.

  2. Socialism absolutely is terrorism. It's possible (polls prove it if you choose to believe those) that a lot of people who support capitalism also support marijuana legalization. It's possible to get marijuana reform without throwing our country as we know it down the shitter.

  3. I have a question for the cannabis lawyer. Is the more act or safe act is passed does that mean canopy growth can enter the states through acreage holdings? They need legalization but not sure if decriminalization is enough?

  4. The federal government can NOT legalize cannabis federally. The federal government needs a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT FIRST, granting the federal government the authority to decide the legal status of cannabis federally. Currently, the Federal government holds no such authority. ONLY states have the constitutional authority to legalize cannabis, not the federal government.

  5. States are making money. My homies are now making legal money in Cali. People working at the shops are getting money. The owners are getting money. SO WHOS NOT MAKING MONEY. These fools are stupid. Stop listening to this clowns. They are very uninformed. A little Google search will help these guys out. SMH

  6. Hey man I have a question. If the MORE Act passes, how will that effect the fully illegal states? I live in Tennessee where even a crumb of weed can land you in jail. Schumer has said in the past that the MORE Act will give states the right to choose to legalize if they want to, so I don't see how that will change anything.

  7. Sucks that a professional truck driver who is regulated by the federal government, can legally drive a truck 8-10 hours after consuming alcohol, but cannot indulge in cannabis use within 30 days of duty time. Such hypocrisy!

  8. Shooting for in 2 years be legal be great really give commerce how mang peolle do there thing make couple hundred bucks month profit really share n balance economy giving a cushion coming out of the pandemic im sure u all are on the right track. How many only smoke cuz goodie goodies an only cuz its legal vs people for anxiety already but may be hard given evaluate anxiety disorder but that close as gets legal is the way to go for sure.

  9. If it is not legalized in the next 2 years I will no longer vote democrat. I'm starting to believe Republicans are the ones that will finally do it. Their base has changed to a peoples movement and the people want pot. The old GOP goats will have to change with their new base.

  10. I'm a closet grower with Pure Power Plant seeds from growing out some Nirvana Seeds and pollen chucking, to make more seeds, by pollenating a small, closet female, with it's male counterpart… It's hard to find a decent sativa at dispensaries, it's all indica dominate hybrid and OG & Chem Dog hybrids…

  11. BOLD PREDICTION: If The MORE ACT (or similar Act Licensing & Taxing Cannabis) passes, Interstate Commerce between Legal, Adult Use States is Guaranteed by Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution and no state will be able to pass a law to prohibit out of state competitors. The "Dormant" Commerce Clause will ensure open markets between all the states and foreign countries. Prove Me Wrong!

  12. Truly don't understand the politics behind legalization. Most Republicans I know enjoy smoking and in favor of legalizing it but don't understand why the Republican politicians appear to be against it?

  13. The problem with the way things are moving is they want to leave it up to the state's which means states like mine (Indiana) will Never legalize and will still be putting people in jail…..even for medical!!! I would qualify for medical in any state…..

  14. 18:49 – in terms of Science the research of cannabis is not even real … they are looking into Marijuana … that is not even taxonomical correct for a phylum of the species .. right away you can tell the real research from the harm only types … when cannabis and its species is used to describe the plant being tested it is at least more real than a NIDA marijuana smoke tests . by this measure is Cannabis plant even illegal !!?? I mean we know marijuana is but what is that plant really !!! marijuana species / marijuana family ??? … these simple questions would stump the Greatest NIDA agent there is and leave him felling uncomfortable and much more

  15. 19:19 – endocananbinoid systm is a lipid transport system tht takes lipids and makes biochemcial messages from them to maintain our every cell via cellular homeostasis … ECS is the only System I seem to be focused on the last few years … an illegal system of cellular homeostasis in our bodies that was found while tracing how cannabis plants metabolites metabolize in man. the greatest discovery in the last 100 years by a long shot . the largest Neurotransmitter system in our bodies and not even taught in a medical school yet !!!! look up Pro resolving lipid mediators , they are cannabinoids without stating directly on the label .. researchers and scientists can examine the biological action potential of cannabis by looking into the Resovins . phytocananbinoids are basically anti oxidants so that is why they can Resolve inflammation

  16. 12:29 – infants with inoperable brain cancers that have become Drug resistant have recovered with FECO remediation therapies ( Full Extract Cannabis Oil ) … think for a sec on this … a infant baby with no immune system response because the body and organs are failing … giving them high doses of cannabis oil should kill them directly if it were in any way toxic … I'm talking therapeutic dosages that would equal an equivalency of 50 Joints or more at once if it were to be smoked ( infants are not smoking anything ) … so , those extremely high dosages can bring the endocannabinoid system of the infant back to homeostasis… that is 100% how cannabis works in our bodies . Israel has been treating infants and kids with the oil a few years … a few hospitals in America have used FECO with chemo treatments for babies too …
    the Therapeutic index for the oil is around 50,000 to 1 … in contrast to chemo and the index of that – 1 to 1 …

  17. 10:27 – the plant has always been Cannabis ( Cannabaceae) … in politics " marijuana " is used to reference that particular species of plant as an tactical assault means . and to describe the by product of the [plant known as cannabis smoke ( the smoke of Cannabis Sativa L )

  18. 2:44 – DEA only pulls from NIDA smoke harm research … there is a Shit Ton of it available ( billions of dollars for research , you'd thing it was all that right??) … and the Kicker – Any One can perform NIDA smoke harm research !!!! you do not have to be scientifically inclined to do so … just fire up a Joint and see what happens afterwards – NIDA . if you do it in a room in a research facility surrounded by police man then it is official NIDA smoke research … if performed in your own home it is outsourced NIDA research ! NIDA appreciates every ones Support !!!!!!!!

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