Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong | Johann Hari

What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine to smart-phones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen our current methods fail …


  1. Great speech. Absolutely brilliant. The words he said made so much sense. Addicts don’t need to be told to stop or your life will end. They need to be heard and listened to and made to feel just like a normal sober person. It’s scary if you’re an addict and you’re talking to someone who is clean. You’re fearful of that sober person. Addiction shouldn’t be frowned upon, it should be made normalised. Humans must help each other for better or worse. Let’s live together not hate each-other.

  2. So many excuses lol. Drug addicts are not victims. They choose that destructive path. They risk death from overdose everytime they decide to do drugs. Which means they don’t care about their own life, so why should anyone else? No sympathy or empathy for drug addicts. They put themselves in that situation so they deserve whatever happens to them

  3. I agree that loneliness can cause addiction but unless they are prepared to help themselves no one else can. They just cause misery to the ones who love them and feel helpless because you see what it's doing and how they are wasting their lives

  4. I personally believe drug addicts use to compensate for the lack of love, possible guilt, trauma and stress. I know that when I sober up on occasion I feel like the whole world is coming down on me, the feeling of remorse, guilt and stress floods back into my brain and even though I feel I can handle these emotions I think subconsciously my brain is saying just take a hit and you'll feel happy and normal again. I really wish I could just stop using and have a normal, happy life but every time I try the addiction takes over. I know this may sound extremely obvious but there's definitely more to addiction than we understand and our world could be ten fold better if we didn't have this problem in society.

  5. I see this exact scenario in my son’s life. He has boarder line personality issue and finding people to interact with is quiet challenging for him. His life is a dead end. He gets high to not feel anything 😞😢

  6. Has a portuguese my whole family were heroin and crack addicts… when i was a kid i remember thinking this is will not affect my personality, the true is that it changed me a lot and for bad, im the angriest negative Person i know

    I asked my uncle a lot of times why he did it and he just said to me cause its my lifestyle whats the problem im not interfering with anyone ( not the reality), Just to say its not okay to say ok to being an addict… my uncle and my mother are dead now, i tried so many times to change them in a good way till i arrived the point that i quited, i told my mother she will be not my mother if she keeps smoking crack, i leaved the country never talked to them again and they are dead now, and its strange to say i never regreted it…. Guess only i know what ive been thru because of them, its not anymore in my power to change the bad person i am today

  7. well this hits home starting since the first quarantine i have been drinking and drinking, cause you know everything is closed, just a couple shops open, no sport (i can't train with my club, gyms are closed), no bars, no movie theaters, no restaurants. for me 5 years later this showed it's first proof for me personally. let's see how it develops once everything goes back to normal

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