1. That CBD cream is incredible and non greasy. Takes away my pain and has helped in so many ways, was so excited to buy it on amazon too! I’ve been using their products for years and I’m very happy. Great CBD products for sure.

  2. Okay so where do I even start this company is very promising but very speculative.

    So this is a green play/covid play

    Key things that BioHiTech is targeting, they are trying to:

    Reduce or Eliminate landfill usage this is big as around 80% of all non-recyclable waste generated ends up in landfills. Also 14% of methane gas is emitted by landfills.

    Reduce food waste generation with behaviour changing data analytics, this is also big as 30/40% of US food production is wasted and 20% of total waste is deposited in landfills is food.

    One of their products that they offer is a food digester which turns food from a solid state into a liquid State which is safe to dispose of down the drain! You may ask who would even want such a machine. Well any restaurant, buffet, cruise line any industry really which has to deal with food because you can now turn it into a liquid dispose of it safely and don’t have to run the risk of putting the food waste into a bin which might attracts all types of pests like Rats and fly’s which as we all know is definitely not a good look for any food business. Once a rat is spotted in a food establishment it’s really game over for them. They already have contracts for this machinery with


    And many more, and possibly more to come?

    BioHiTech controls the exclusive U.S development rights to deploy facilities using the patented high efficiency biological treatment process in 11 Northeast states and DC

    BioHiTech are producing an EPA recognised solid recovered fuel from waste!

    I could keep on going on about this company but this post is really just to arouse your interest for you to do some DD

    I did say it was a covid play I will speak a little bit on this

    BioHiTech entered into a distribution agreement with Alapure a disinfectant technology company, to help its customers create a heathy and safe environment through automated high level disinfection

    Like I said at the start this company is very interesting they offer more then what I’ve listened like always please do your own DD it’s a very interesting company in a very promising filled!

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