Episode 2: Canadian Micro Cultivation

In episode 2 of our micro cultivation series we dive into the trials and tribunals of succeeding in micro cultivation. The hoops that we have to jump to embark on …


  1. Great video. Couple of things. Micro cultivation does not need investors. I have stuck to my wife and myself as the principals. The maximum space is 200m square so the graphic with the multiple buildings is a no go. You can only have one type of one type of licence. For instance, Tweed which holds a 'Standard" licence cannot apply for a micro cannabis licence. This is a small business at its heart. Great for a Ma and Pa business model. One piece of advice: Unless you have at least 3 to 5 years of perpetual growing, don't even start. Also, if you want to grow and sell you will need both a micro cultivation and micro processing. If you want to sell to another cannabis business such as an extract maker then you only need the cultivation licence. One last thing to remember is there is no 'craft' cannabis licence, the actual licence is called micro cultivation.

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