EMOTIONAL BRAINWASHING: How It Erodes Your Self-Worth & Self-Confidence

Sneaky stuff this emotional brainwashing! It often starts slowly and seems understandable. But, it continues and tips you over into second-guessing yourself and …


  1. this was my marriage…. I made it 23 years before I broke down, still recovering 5 years later….
    Could you talk about defining? He so thoroughly controlled me that he even told me who I am and what I think… As if he would know that…

  2. This was my life. She was physically violent to me on many occasions and made me believe it was my fault. Now, as an adult, she uses the siblings as abusers and she, believing she's being clever, has trained them for decades for this climax in proxy abuse. Thank God I had done research on this and told them I was going No Contact as the 2 siblings were being brainwashed by the parent to attack the Scapegoat. This is a huge insult, these 2 Do Not want to think that they are anything like our sick mother.

  3. Dr. Shaler, I'm going to be making an appointment with you. This happened to me as a child. I'm 58 now. I knew there was something really wrong with my mother, but of course, these labels/studies had not been done. She blamed me and used me as her scapegoat into adulthood. She uses my siblings as proxy abusers. i have had to go no contact with all 3 of them and anyone attached to them.

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