Edibles and topicals spike for Valentine’s Day, Colorado sold over $2 billion in legal weed in 2020

Edibles and topicals spike for Valentine’s Day, Colorado sold over $2 billion in legal weed in 2020 Michigan court approves medical marijuana during probation, …


  1. NJ will not have allow a legal grow with the legalization of marijuana but i have a question about that. If the fed gov says that marijuana is decriminalized, will cultivation be included with that? Second question. Since NJ charges you federally for growing, if the fed gov decriminalizes it, how would that effect NJ and growing? Since there would be no law that says its illegal federally what could happen then?…

  2. I’m a new watcher from the uk 🇬🇧 (been watching about a month) and things are kicking off over here, we have a medical card that can be issued by the doctors and the police are on board with it. Let’s see how it goes🤞 good vids guys and very informational 🙂🙏🕉☯️☮️✌️

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  4. 14th comment on the 14th day.. of February saint Valentine's day, continue to have a happy saint Valentine's date, now at d night part ryte? BTW y is the live chat already able to b seen? U told a username of utube in d comments b4 y'all don't decide if the live chat uploaded as soon as the vid is or after later on ryte?

  5. Trauma, intense pain, inability to sleep…..yes kids can suffer these too. I've had PTSD almost my whole life. I've suffered migraines just as long. I don't have trouble sleeping, but I do have intense anxiety. All of which I now wish I could have treated with CBD. The pills I've been given only take the edge off.

  6. He really need to stop promoting hempire direct once they have your information they never stop spamming you I get a few text messages picture messages a day from them I block all the numbers but they still come through and people on Reddit if you type in their name you'll see a lot of bad information about them saying that they sell information to third party companies all I'm saying is I've never owned any vehicles before and after I put my information into their website for a free eighth I started getting phone calls daily about my car insurance warranty

  7. Tom, I see your picture of Abe Lincoln. I'm here in central Illinois, a 67 yr old retiree who has been a registered medical patient for almost 3 years. With Illinois having the highest prices out there, I started a grow which allows medical patients in Illinois to grow 5 plants per household. One good thing about living in Illinois. Smoke, edibles, extracts. Grow and make your own!

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