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  1. Looking good looks like Cunnuck does have some decent genetics after all, kidding i just had bad experience with there genetics my self and last time i ordered seeds from them they resell from another seed bank they sent me the wrong seeds and gave me hassle, they wanted the seeds returned before they would send what i actually ordered, they had me send pics and said in email if seeds were open or damaged they would not accept, They had to receive the wrong seeds back unopened damaged before they would resend. Some poor soul would end up getting seeds that made many journeys around the world from one seed bank to cunnuck to me back to cunnuck then finally sent out to the next person who orders them, then that person is wondering how they only got 1 out of 5 to germinate, seeds are in a package loose bounching around going through temperature change after temp change bouncing and rubbing the whole way around the world. Needless to say i will never order from cunnuck again. They did try to get me to keep them and offer me 20% off my next order lol which you can get a 20 % Discount just by giggling cunnuck seeds discount code, needless to say i never got what i ordered and think there customer service stinks, not to mention they oftin send seeds not in original breeder packs so really could be any old seeds. I should of learned my lesson after receiving bonk gelato autos from them with deformed bud structure a few years back , i never sence seen a seed bank with so many negative reviews on line as cunnuck crazy amount of unhappy customers, looks like pilly did ok.

  2. Ok that n,p,k reading is OUT OF 100% 2-6-4 would be 2%,6%,2% out of 100% what is the rest? I buy 100% pure pharmaceutical grade minerals and make my own but the shop one i use has a 20-20-20 rating one box is still half full after 5years

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