1. A lot of American prisons are privately owned now so they actually profit for having more prisoners. So it's no coincidence that the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world and that a large portion of prisoners are non violent drug offenders.

  2. I am a medical marijuana patient I Colorado. I have major back pains and before medical marijuana I would suffer so much pain every day. I have a very good job and a loving family. Marijuana should not be illegal.

  3. How can they do this to sick people, people who only want to help others, people not doing harm to ANYONE?! It is NOT Cannabis causing harm at all! It is the government and the police fulfilling unjust laws that cause irreparable harm to innocent people, like you and me!!

  4. ok thats it i am sick and tierd of the federal government holding there laws over us good people and this is legal by state law the dea are that thick that they can't get it through there heads that weed is medicine not a drug if it can help ppl like owen whats wrong with it so my thoughts on this is that every smoker of this amazing plant should rally together and fight this injustice and show that we are stronger than the federal government comment if you agree and we sit it up

  5. I fucking despise the corpoate media…. covering up the truth for there own self interests the pharamcuetical companies would be out of business if the masses new the greatness of the herb..

  6. Obviously, The COPS, DEA, Sherriff, and all the people that had any part in this action against the Medical Marijuana Collective (Charlie Lynch) are bad people that definately do not serve the people that pay their salarys. Charlie is a martyr. There are still many pigs that are so brainwashed with the BS the US government has fed them that they are hoplessly crazy. They don't have a brain to make sound decisions. What It Is Is What It Is! God Loves You Charlie! We Do Too!!!!!!

  7. I notice that the mayor was not charged for his welcoming this business into his district. I'm curious how close it was to voting time for the sheriff. Politics! It amazes me that a country that says they are so concerned for the health and well being of it's citizens, allow alcohol and cigarettes which are proven to cause illness and death to thousands each year to be legal, but marijuana isn't. Alcohol, tobacco and drug industries help pay for the so-called drug war. It's about the money.

  8. I feel that most Australians, myselfl included, like Americans, but we dont understand much about your culture. Your 3 strikes laws, the Bible belt, the NRA, your marijuana laws and Sarah Palin just to name a few. Here possession is illegal also, but unless you have more than 50 gms, and you dont act like a smartarse, then Police are just as likely to let you off, sometimes even without a warning.

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