1. I have chronic eczema, I work with water n so my hands flare up really bad getting puffy and red, I used to use a steroid-based RX lotion, but I switched to a Medical 200mg THC lotion, and it works wonders, I'm assuming CBD functions the same in terms of a topical, It's amazing, it doesn't get you high or anything just soothes your skin.

  2. Dr. Patel, could you cover CBD products that could help rosacea? My case is very similar to this patient, including a possible diagnosis of lupus or Sjrogen's (my ANA Labs were positive and I've been referred to rheumatology). Dry, burning and redness on my face and extremely dry eye is the worst feeling

  3. I have a question – Just curious if you've seen tingling as a side effect of THC. I've been using cannabis for 6 months now and when I don't take CBD with my THC oil, or when I take too much THC, I ALWAYS get this symptom. I get a tingling feeling as well as a pulsing feeling in my lower legs and feet, not quite like a tingling feeling you get when your feet fall asleep, but more like a larger pulsing movement if that makes sense. I'm using low doses too… typically 5.5mg THC with 65mg CBD capsule, or 4.3mg THC with 25-40mg CBD capsules. Any amount of THC higher than that with those CBD amounts or those amounts of THC with lower CBD makes me have the pulsing feeling. I can't seem to find anything online about it, and I've even asked a cannabis coach and she couldn't find anything on it. Thanks!

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