Despite legalization, mixed messaging surrounds marijuana in Illinois

Police have busted into Lorynda Welton’s south suburban home in the middle of the night on three separate occasions in recent years. They were looking for her …


  1. Darwin award goes to the Police for saying come on in news team with your camera's inviting millions to see where we stash our hidden illegal but highly profitable contraband in a storage locker near you (the sh!t is going to disappear). How Hypocritical is it to legalize marijuana at a dispensary and then arrest a man for selling it off the street corner or out of his basement that is not only an oxymoron but a waste of manpower/resources. I got news for you drugs sold at any lever is bad business no matter how profitable but the government always thinks it can cut out small dealers of anything they decide to regulate and the poor man keeps showing you he's not going down without a fight.

  2. The reason why cops go after this is not that they want to stop major crime bs.They dont tell you the things they can do like confiscating your car your house your items for just a few bags of weed and the money that town makes in fines and money in auctions etc.Its all about money .We were told that some how they will bring in some of those guys selling it illegally or involved in it by bringing them into the legal system but the only ones who have the licenses it to sell are wealthy caucasians wtf look it up no minority at all owns a dispensary not only in this state but in the country .

  3. Its simple you charge them as if they sold liquor without a license 10k fine and a year to pay no jail except for 1 night. If not paid in a year then jail time

  4. All this is. Is fear mongering. Ooh big bad drug dealers. So scary. All they are guilty of is not paying taxes on what they sell and not being licensed. Also likely breaking regulations of quality control like possibly using dangerous pesticides. My only concern about buying from a dealer would be about the quality of what I was buying.

  5. I hope you can help us make cannabis legal in the Philippines because when many countries leave us that marijuana is legal, I hope someone will help the Philippines to make it legal, thank you.

  6. It's Ok If You Have Thousands Of Dollars For Licensing Taxes Titling Etc To Sell Marijuana At A Dispensary But A Regular John Or Jane Q Public Can't Have A Certain Amount?? From Other Sources But Yet Weed Is Legal ? Just Because You Won't Buy From A Big Box Over Priced Dispensary Its A Crime ?!! The Gray Area And Fog Sounds Like The Individuals Who Came Up With These Vague Laws Were Hight Them Selves OFF Something!!! Smh ??????

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