Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges | The Online Sales Shipping Ban

Welcome back to another educational adventure into cannabis! If you’re wondering whether you can still buy Delta 8 THC online, you totally can; but Delta 8 …


  1. I bought stuff to do the fill your own carts/vape tank. I am absolutely obsessed with the moonwlkr gummies so the vaping will be more of a back up to them. I really wish that moonwlkr will put out bulk distillate in their amazing flavors. I have strawberry and lemon and they are amazing but I’m probably going to keep them as flavor chasers to other carts instead of getting high on them. Also hope that they partner up with one of those pay in 4 payments companies (afterpay, sezzle etc…) would make buying bulk gummies easier.

    I like:
    Delta alternatives

    I’ve tried 3chi not a big fan
    Also ordered from Harbor city hemp but it’s not here yet. A lot of the websites are having sales on their batteries so I grabbed a few extra back ups.

  2. Well, I guess I'm going back to making my own carts… Time to dust off the ole equipment haha
    Time to find some wholesale terps and carts… (Already decided I'm going with distillate from RogueRiver)
    Time to begin the search lol
    Great video though, lots of info in a fun short time?

  3. Your late on the ban, no one cares we get it in stores. Great video for newbies that don't read at all though. So hope the views buy you more Delta 8, me personally my d8 carts sit around nothing like real Delta 9 to get me going.

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