Delta-8 THC: 5 Reasons to Try It (This is my experience with D8, I only take the recommended dosage)

What is Delta-8 THC? I break down the difference between Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC, as well as share 5 reasons to try Delta-8 THC. Warning: Please note if …


  1. Ok I been smoking for a long time and I like the stoned feeling its how I know its working will delta 8 not give me this cause if it dont then I say its bunk I mean ppl drink for the head change and feeling same as weed we want that felling will this do that or not?

  2. I was expecting a calm mellow feeling on Delta8, but after eating one 30mg gummy I was literally dizzy, paranoid, spaced out and hyper focused for two hours! Totally high. LOL I have only ever had used CBD (weed as a teenager many years ago), so I might have just taken too much for the first time around. Going to try a half a gummy and see how it goes.

  3. just got a delta 8 pen… but nervous to use as I got panic attacks with weed. But this made me feel a bit better, its the 'out of control' feeling I am afraid of, and it seems I'm safe with delta 8. Wish me luck >.<

  4. let them tell u another one ,i been smoking weed my hole life , and i have never smoked any weed that make you dizy ,i all so dont drive anywhere with out smoking weed first,I combs me down,and makes me more aware,and keep me from getting speeding tickets.i started smoking when I was 15, and now I am 47 years old ,one day all y'all will get smart and stop listening to what people who want to run your life so get with the program,does anyone read the Bible any more ,I guess your all listening to the preacher and not taking the time to read it your self,go two the 2nd page and read it again,I said I give you all herbs bearing seed,and all marijuana is a herb bearing seed . your government doesn't want you using marijuana because it takes money from them and big pharma, your what you call a drug addict if you take what the doctor give u because God gave u the herbs to take care of yourself,but I choose the devil pill instead,u better open your eyes before it's too late

  5. I tried Delta 8 twice… Both times, I got lost in the car
    (in the dark)trying to find my house. I did not recognize roads I’ve driven on for 20 years. That is a very scary feeling..loved it, but I will not drive a car on it anymore. I do take prescribed opioids so maybe that’s why it reacted that way??‍♀️
    My friend eats 5 gummies at a time and she just feels relaxed.
    Thanks for the video
    I just asked my Pain clinic dr if I could take it. He said .3 should be ok. I got clearance to take it with my pain meds.
    I get regular drug screenings, I will see next month if my test shows thc.

  6. I have been exploring the whole world of cbd this past year and wanted to try vaping. The local smoke shop only had delta 8 cartridges so I bought one and I already had a battery. I took one huge hit and in less than a minute I'm feeling pretty toasty. I smoked thc pretty heavily for 15yrs before spending the past 7yrs sober. It really feels like the same high I remember.

  7. I been hearing people talk about delta 8. My husband smokes weed, but I don't because of the fact I hate how it makes me feel..and I feel so paranoid ? your video really helped me out. Now I really want to try some Delta 8 .

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