1. At 42 minutes, we do have the ability to “hear” the plants. Plants speak an olfactory and visual language. We know the visual signs. Once we know what smell a plant gives off when it’s in danger we can “listen” with our noses. Or make robots with sensors for it.

  2. I'm curious if IMO being more attainable is sort of already done via JADAM microbial solution, however i'm honestly not sure. I understand the differences but I find myself wondering because it is, in my eyes, generation 2 of the system.

  3. A renaissance of things to think about ..I'm stuck on the electrical exchange …and also .. what happens in the lab exchange in the indigenous soil…These two guys made these topics hillareous. . 😅😅😅

  4. "Did they bring da microbes with them? “ No, they stopped taking dumps when they traveled..

    Seriously these people are so disconnected from nature they can't figure out how the ancients learnt things, by observing nature. Any hillbilly with a septic tank will tell you about effective microbes. They constantly bitch about it being the hardest part of the yard to mow.

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