1. I get so tired of hearing their bullshit lies about cannabis!! They have 0 proof of half of the rhetoric they spew out their ass's!! Quit trying to figure out how to fill your pockets off it and ruining a good thing people need and let everyone enjoy something in life for once!!!! Show me a politician ill show you a shady buissness man not a politician….

  2. American would bring in over 13+ trillion $ a year from the cannabis industry, it would literally pull America out of debt from foreign country's, much more to benifit for the country aswell.

  3. Instead, people just go across the state line to Michigan and dump all their cash there. Nothing like supporting your neighbors economy due to falling behind in the times in a Red state.

  4. What police officers and prosecutors are saying is, please don’t take away our low hanging fruit. These convictions are so easy and enema. I would much rather see our tax dollars spent on convictions that have real victims. The revenue from cannabis sales would provide revenue that would go toward education and social programs that would benefit all Indiana residence. Don’t be afraid of change because other states have proven it works. We are doing without because of hypocrisy and ideals born in The 1930s. It’s time to move on to the current time and join other states and reforming old outdated and prejudiced laws.

  5. Isn't that something… Don't get rid of marijuana our number one freaking moneymaker when we wrongfully arrest people. what a joke we all know the drug laws are illegally enforced cuz none of them are constitutional anyways… You don't believe me what do you think they had to do during prohibition?

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