1. I can’t believe my Genital Herpes is really cured, i never thought and believed that one day i will live on earth cured of this disease. i have been suffering of this deadly disease GENITAL Herpes since 1years ago. Happiness is all i see now i never thought that i will live on earth before the year runs out this is a miracle A shot testimony on how i was cured for my Genital Herpes Virus diseases by DR, EJORFOL with his Herbal Root Medicine.

  2. L.D. child, – Cleveland, Industrial Arts major in H.S., Denied BA in Economics in college ( no 3 qrtr. seq. in foergn language), OCD, Tinnitus, first seizure at 5000 ft. In Boulder 15 years ago. Some supp. cause severe dark mood. Keept my self suspended in (±) w/a veiw of (++) w/LD discipline. Much experimentation/research – journal!!

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