Curing Skin Cancer with Hemp oil – An Experiment. Week 1

There is a theoretical basis for postulating that perhaps hemp oil might be able to help or cure basal cell carcinoma, given that cannabis oil is able to do this, and …


  1. Hi, my father was recently detected with Sebaceous Carcinoma, when he was operated for a tumor removal and is at stage 2. He is currently undergoing radiation therapy, I was meanwhile looking for alternate ways to cure it when I came across Cannabis oil. Will application of Cannabis oil on the site of operation cure it?

  2. organic hemp oil wont do nothing for your moles(better for your hair or surface skin or ingest with a protein drink).. you need Cannabis CBD about 30-60%… put it on the wound, place a bandage.. comeback 3 days later for a check, repeat and do again til your cancer is cured…usually under 6 weeks with simple moles…

  3. I've been watching your videos.  I have one small spot on my chest.  I had one cut off a couple of years ago.  but i didn't want to go through that again.  Good luck – I hope that you have great results.

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  5. Actually, Gangsta Grannie, I think most of the "Hemp" oil you see, the Rick Simpson type, is cannabis oil, which contains a significant amount of THC. It may be thicker because of that.

    I certainly would use that formulation if it were available to me.

  6. If you actually saw real cannabis oil you would see that its actually very very thick – and it has to be heated to melt it a bit before it will even squeeze out of a syringe. If by chance this is cannabis oil, which I doubt because it's illegal to sell, then going by the sound when you shook the bottle at 3:10, then its VERY watered down. I'm stressing these points because I'd love to see this thing work on your cancer. I also take hemp oil daily for my cancer.

  7. I'm doubtful that this is hemp oil in a bottle that size unless you paid thousands of dollars for it. When you buy hemp oil, you generally receive a very small bottle for a few hundred dollars. I live in the UK and it costs me around £300 to make enough hemp/cannabis oil to fill half a syringe. it costs more to buy it ready made. I'm suspecting that you're using hemp seed oil. many manufacturers deliberately mislead by stating that their hemp seed oil is hemp oil.

  8. It does appear that the THC has absolutely nothing to do with "hemp's" ability to cure cancer. It appears to be the Cannabidiol, another cannabinoid, that does this. So the THC is not required.

  9. Hemp seed oil is derived from the inner nut of hemp seeds.
    The shell of hemp seeds, in a natural setting, may contain cannabinoids due to the hemp seeds collecting the sticky trichomes from the flower and leaves as the seed falls for harvest. Does that make sense? The seed doesn't produce trichomes, so it can't contain cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil contains omega fatty acids, which may help your body produce endogenous cannabinoids, but contains no cannabinoids.

    Sorry, brother! Keep fighting.

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