Concussion Recovery: Does CBD, THC etc Help? ft. Dr. Hill (Peak Brain Institute)

Does CBD help Concussion recovery? Does THC help Concussion recovery? What about Black Seed Oil? What about Melatonin? I talk to Dr. Andrew Hill from …


  1. FEDERAL AGENT at CenturyLink4347 has hacked my computer stopping my updates. I am AFRAID to return to FACEBOOK.
    Because my doctor told me that BIG PHARMA will financially destroy any doctor that proves that THC restores brain injuries made me so upset that I taught myself MOLECULAR SCIENCE and created GOLD. You see I learned TEMPERING long ago and understood about heat manipulating molecules. When I went to the only gold shop in KALISPELL MONTANA and showed him I reached 22K then he threw me out telling the 'city council' that I am creating FOOLS GOLD pass tests.
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    All this was just to 'prove' that my 5.5 TBI is being restores with THC.

  2. Hry check out Christopher Walker channel he has 2 seperate videos on How to fall asleep at night. 1 video is through supplements like Melatonin and other stuff the other video is how to fall asleep naturally.

  3. There was a study where they found that car crash survivors who hit their head in a life threatening but potentially survivable way were 11% more likely to survive if their blood tested positive for THC. Btw the reason flaxseed oil is so good is omega 3-6 ratio; omega 3 is very anti-inflammatory and most of us get an unbalanced ratio of around ten parts omega 6 to one part omega 3. Salmon is also very high in omega 3 as are some other things but flaxseed oil is much better for brain healing than most other plant oils. Inflammation is how damage takes place and anti-inflammatories promote healing

  4. Very interesting take on the balance of the CBD and THC with a good strain to balance out both benefits from each other. Also it really does make sense that too much of anything isn't good, and I never knew that meletonin is such a similar molecule to seratonin so when it is put like that, when you think about CBD and THC tolerance goes up just as I would think tolerance to melatonin as well.

    Very good interview and information to be used.

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