Comics, Cannabis and Pot Culture: Episode 4- Chemistry talk

This week we’re going to dive into some of the different scientific chemistry behind cannabis and the way it works. Maybe have some stoner chats about different …


  1. Yeah the media is like the person at school that spread the lie that started the big fight at the end of school. I mean like we have to have the news just like we need the police. But the News to let us know certain stuff going on in the world. Like if a meteor is about to hit because we don’t pay attention to the stars. ?? jk but most of the shit they put out causes a lot of conflict between the people.

  2. Sorry I got so stoned last night before the show I end up laying down and passed out and I actually just woke up at 5 PM the following day ??‍♂️??‍♂️
    But the it’s “That time of The Month” title sounds pretty clever for a bunch of females. So it sounds like it’s going to be a ranting video LMAO

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