Grow with the pros! Mars Hydro SP3000 LED Grow Lights 2×4 ft Coverage with 952Pcs Samsung LM301B LEDs Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Lamp with …


  1. Ah shit eh! Fuck man, I have done that too! Always give your ladies time after a transplant to root down bro! The bigger the roots the bigger the fruits!

    I got some nice nugs and cola's coming along in week 6 here on PCC! Working on editing the week 6 update right now!

    Keep up the great content, and even better gardening my friend!!!


    Duane & PCC.

  2. Nice job fella, great video,I think the wall movement on the timelapse might just be your fan blowing the air round that you don't notice when the door is open ??‍♂️

  3. Those ladies, tongue hanging out drooling, bloody awesome work mate! I'd love to see a fabric pot in one of those smart pots…. I know, I'm silly, lol, your brands are awesome, the AC infinity has to be the best of the best, while I respect hlg to no end, for my tiny budget and service, Mars Hydro would shine through. They have really stepped up. What a great grow series my friend. I don't want in on the competition ( light give away lol ?) but I think 38 oz of nice nice, 10 oz of fluff…. Can't wait for week eight ? cheers man….

  4. I've been so close to pulling the trigger on the auto pots, but i love hand watering. Your grows look like you love growing and value your time!! I have all Mars Hydro lets but can't wait to grab HLG's by the summer. Thanks for the comparison brotha!

  5. Nice job buddy, on your transplant…. you should put some Azos beneficial bacteria ? by Extreme Gardening on the rootball and mix in some Mykos by Extreme Gardening as well, you will see your plans explode in veg like no other and I mean blow up bro. Then wait a week to flip, you will see all your tops be way fatter and juicer in the long run especially if your running Co2. Nice canopy my man! Cheers from 702!

  6. Brother!!! First grow channel I heard accept some responsibility for making a mistake AND TELL US ABOUT IT! Kudos to you man. Hahaha money out the dirt. Digging you man. Gonna share your video for free!!

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