1. Prison tip – Ajax with bleach can it's just Ajax that say with bleach … so you get a sheet of toilet paper and you'll notice it has 2 sheets roll up about 3 to 5 the size peanut m&ms depending on your height weight.. drink em with lots of water lots of water… and jump around do jumpin Jack's and you will pee sky bluish at 1st bit the next one is clean. Trust me we always did that to come out clean and we'd be high from that same day. Oh you get a fever

  2. I e been clean for 4 month and I hit a joint once on a Friday and then I took another hit on Sunday how long do you think it will stay in my system I’m 297 5’6 and I’m not very active

  3. 90lb girl: Hey everybody I got court to try to get my record sealed. I have to take a drug test guess how I did it watch my YouTube video
    Court: is this you in the video?
    90lb girl: yes
    Court: ya you record will remain open forever

  4. Detox drinks definitely work if you follow the directions im still at the company 3 years later that drugged tested me and recommended the same drink to other who was on probation and passed

  5. https://m.imgur.com/a/GmuD4
    This is a link to a fool proof guide on how to detox. If you don't trust the link go to reddit r/trees > menu > FAQ scrolls down to: urine test.
    Basically what she said, but the link is a more detailed guide. Vitamin B2, creatine and sugar for the detox drink and a list of what to do/not do before your drug test.

    -All the best!

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