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  2. What's your thought about pfs (post finasteride syndrome)? Is it something you worry about, and or is there any way to mitigate the risk? Genuinely curious. Heard some people's stories the other day about the horrible consequences they suffered after finasteride use

  3. elp i had a hair transplant 3years ago, the results was better than i tought… but after 1year i noticed lot of hair loss(like me teenager days and young adult) and even the transplanted hair is getting affected….finasteride gives me gino…even with 1mg/week —its just a matter of time….even with topical 0.1finastride……..IN THE HAIR TRANSPLANT CLINIC THEY SAID I NEED A NEWER HAIR TRANSPLANT, JUST AFTER 1.5 YEAR AFTER THE FIRST WITH GREAT GREAT RESULTS ….

    can i use some drugs to control the excess of estrogen, to lower a bit….like tamoxifeno, ???not and why?

    should i use saw palmetto ?the internet says it its 5alfa redutasse but also says that lower estrogen …

    ijust need something do prevent ginocomastia induced by fINASTERIDE

  4. I love your videos about PED’s, you talk based on Science, but one thing you never actually explain was , why Trenbolone have negative effects on your hair if it’s not a DHT base, it falls down to nandrolone category, i don’t get it why deca doesn’t have negative effects on hair trenbolone has,
    If you say it’s more androgenic then deca, then why can Finasteride not be able to Block the alpha 5 in low dosage of tren?
    Thank you..

  5. maaaaaan the sacrifices these body builders make is insane. I’m a year older then Bumstead & have a full head of lettuce ? yes i know genetics play a factor but longevity> Gains

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