CBD Vape VS CBD Oil VS CBD Cream

What is the best way to take CBD? Vape? Oil or Cream? CBD is the latest hot product on the market but why is it so highly rated and sought after? CBD has a …


  1. Wait Charlie you told me this was weed my doctor/therapist takes this and they recommend it to me I’m confused I’m nervous to take it now is it weed but I’m not smoking there is CBD oil and gummies at my urb shop and it’s illegal to sell weed but is it!!!!!? I’m not doubting you I’m just confused sorry!?

  2. Started using cbd oil about 2 months ago, my anxiety melts away within an 30 mins of using it. My wife says I appear less stressed, happier and calmer. It's hard to describe the effect it's had on my thought process I used to spend hours and hours over thinking silly things after CBD oil I find it much easier to acknowledge the thoughts and file them away.

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