1. Good tip, was not familiar with this one. May open position here. Sharing a tip IGXT any thoughts? absolutely unknown; Cannabis AND Psilocybin (Signed deals with Heritage, Cybin, ATAI, Peter Thiel) a 12 drug pipeline including Alzheimer's, Rizaport (headaches) Cyalis Vetafilm for animal medications, just insane potential. 2 PDUFA dates to be assigned this year (either is worth an Easy $1 IMO.Please take a look, absolutely no one is following and frustrating that nothing is out there on this. MUCH appreciated and Subscribed !!

  2. Wow.. ACDC = CRYBF can 20x.. This is the next QS. Now less than a $1 for smart blockchain battery. They are signing some big contracts, partner up with a big battery company that wants to expand fast. Their specs claim to be better than Tesla. They want to be the top 5 battery company. They have 70 patents. See their website.
    Their existing product lines are: smart battery, EV charging, blockchain, battery solution for big industries and homes, wifi battery management.

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