1. The entire plant of cannabis has medicinal value. THC is part of the plant. I have chronic pain and have tried cbd. While cbd is helpful, it pales in comparison to the effects of real cannabis. Would you take out the sugar from a fruit because sugar can make you fat? NO!! The sugars are the food.

  2. I like you as a doctor. I have had a lot of questions on the CBD as there is not much evidence out there and has not been tested. I know about marijuana as I am an older lady that has dabbled in it for years as it helps you if you have a stomach problem. Today, I will not mess with it till night time or if I am having a stomach ache, which is very rare. I have a prescription for the medical m. but it gets you so high I will not smoke it during the day. I like to keep going, not sit around all screwed up. But the kids these days like to just smoke it every 5 minutes and another side effect is that you don't want to do a darn thing. I am more into Holistic Medicine than pharmacutical. Thank you for these videos. God Bless.

  3. i've been a medical marijuana patient for 2 years now and i'm happy to report that i haven't turned into a reggae fan. (also, i'm scheduled for ketamine treatment for untreatable depression because it's worked in the past. wish me luck !)

  4. Herein lies the problem with legalizing weed: you can sit and get completely drunk and you will be the only one affected. Smoke weed and everyone near you gets a second hand high ( including children). I used to have neighbors who had pot parties in their yard most weekends, they did try to cover it up by having a bonfire,but I could smell it and feel the affects if I were in my yard (I recognized it because I have past). There were plenty of kids in the neighborhood who played outside.

  5. I’m followed by five Roman senators who think I’m Caesar and it’s always the ides of March after a spinal crush injury. Cannabis (indicas especially), taken legally as an edible, does wonders for the spasms and initial stabbing… which really hurts because someone gave them lightsaber daggers…

  6. I don't know about anyone else. But I start taking full spectrum cbd oil about 2 months ago for severe osteoarthritis in my knees and right hip. They are bone on bone and have been for a few years now. I'm only 54 and have been in constant pain for about 2 years. Within a week my pain decreased by at least 50%. I was taking 660 mg of Naproxen twice a day and now only take 440 mg twice a day. Sometimes I even forget to take the naproxen because pain just isn't bad enough to remind me. And I also have the bonus that it helps me sleep. I used to have to take Diphenydramine 50 mg to ensure a good nights sleep. Not anymore. So as long as it keeps working I will continue to take it and sing ita praises. But I do realize that it doesn't work the same for everyone.

  7. I was on the fence about you until this video. The first one I saw was on chronic pain, but I didn’t get to watch the whole thing so I withheld judgment until now. The one thing that helps me most is illegal. I could probably get completely off these opioids that I hate if I could legally use pot, or at least get away with it, but I gotta take those pee test. I’ve got a screwed up back. Injections don’t work for me. Any suggestions? And don’t ask that Doc Vader guy. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to him.

  8. CBD oil for me was of no help for my RA, RA pain, anxiety for not getting proper opioid pain medication and management of the chronic pain. Nothing for me. ☹️ What I don't get is pushing people with chronic pain onto this or MMJ to tighten up further on opioid scripts? More suffering for chronic pain persons. One controlled substance to another? A gateway drug that is, as you pointed out, experiencing a sea change in how it is regarded. This sea change is being driven IMO to further control the opioid scripts. I think patients whose lives have been devastated by the CDC "guidelines" on opioid usage should file a class action suit against them. It's only getting worse out here for those of us who had lives and jobs and controlled pain prior to the "guidelines" and are now … Well, it's hell. No life, no job, no controlled pain. So sorry.

  9. Zdogg, when are you going to stop regurgitating the same info we all already have googled, and think like a scientist? Think how do these studies relate? How can we infer information that OTHER people havent put into study form yet?—because you aint about to! All you do is look this up on google and then act like you know it all. Then when non-Gods like the majority of us look up this info and try to inform our drs—they complain that we think we are google docs.
    Your show is all google-doc info. Hypocrite.

  10. After having brain surgery for brain cancer, and being on opioids, which really messed me up inpatient, I use this MEDICATION, which is what it should be referred to as, because it is a medicine, first over everything else. When used appropriately, it can be an effective pain medication. This medicine, although extremely expensive, is also extremely effective.

  11. Marijuana doesn't make the doctor's money…. This "man" makes no money from marijuana… Hence the reason he produced this video! Rebellion!!!! Easy as that!!! Easy peasy as my kids like to say! And I got some healthy kids cuz I birthed them at home!!!? So they can yell at the top of their lungs easy-peasy!!!! Human beings weren't born with a doctor attached their ass! So detached this man from your ass!

  12. It helps a little with my neuropathy pain, but it works very well to promote sleep, in my case. Doesn't help my other chronic pain. Thanks for the info about the liver. I'll ask for those tests. I'm talking about CBD oil, no THC. I'm one of those that hallucinates with THC. And I hate a lot that there are not more recent studies I can read.

  13. Thanks for this. I have a acquaintance that just opened a medical marijuana shop and is going to 12 step programs talking people into how it's the cure all to all of their problems including drug addiction.

  14. Well I can speak and give some anecdotal evidence. Cbd has been a much better route for my anxiety then any SSRI or anti anxiolytic. It’s not a cure all but has helped me tremendously. It’s a major tool in overcoming anxiety and depression. Stay away from thc if you have anxiety and can worsen and turn into something more!

  15. Dr. ZDogg,
    See that amazing, handsome and incredibly smart little boy in my profile pic? That's my 11 year old son. He was diagnosed with ADHD soon after he turned 5. The Pediatrician group he has gone to since his 4lb.7oz. little premie body entered into this mad world has never been anything but professional, informative and so incredibly caring and patient with both my son and me. It has been over 20 years since I, "inhaled", and while the, "devils salad", made be very anxious and uncomfortable, it still hasn't stopped from doing mass research on the benefits of CBD oil for kids (and adults) who suffer with ADHD. Like I said my son has been medicated for ADHD since he was 5. It started with low dose drugs and has gradually gotten higher and higher throughout the years. I feel like I am doping my baby up on speed. While I know Methyphenidate and other Amphetamines share some of the same chemical compounds, one is a phenythylamine and the other is a piperidine. I should also mention that because of his ADHD he is on Clonodine as well. His dosage of that has also climbed the charts throughout the years. Because it is a medicine for hypertension, it too is a scary drug that I unfortunately have to put in my little boys body just to allow him to get the proper rest he needs. Even after all these years I still get a lump in my throat when I put a pill in my son's mouth. I still check on him several times a night because the Clonodine doesn't always metabolize the same. Some nights he will be so pale and his lips will be a shade of blue, I put my hand on his chest and under his nose to make sure he is breathing. Unfortunately, if I don't give it to him he will NOT sleep. His brain is so active that he is completely incapable of putting himself to sleep. While there are so many cons to these drugs the only 2 pros are that the Concerta and Ritalin allow him to slow down enough to think through his actions and the Clonodine allows him to rest properly. I guess after all that being said, how do I go about talking to the Pediatrician about trying a CBD oil or finding a Pediatrician that is more versed in the CBD world? Something has to give, in my opinion. I can't in good faith not at least try to find a better solution to help my child.

  16. If sugar and alcohol are bad, then you SHOULDN'T legalize marijuana. Two wrongs don't make a right. You cannot use the acceptance of something bad to justify another bad thing.

    It is more logical to just cut out sweet foods and alcohol, AND ban recreational marijuana.

  17. Zdog…
    Black people need reparation from being thrown in jail for a drug that white people are now becoming billionaires off of.

    The problem with marijuana is race…
    Plain and simple.

    One time black people used it tgey were criminals.
    When white people do: they are astute business men, or they are sick!
    You don't get it, cause you are neither black nor white.

  18. I take cbd for my fibromyalgia as other medications didn’t work well for me. It has made it so I can get through a whole day with minimal pain and give the best of me to my patients. And if I don’t feel like taking it on the weekend because I’m not going anywhere there’s no withdrawal type symptoms.

  19. I have MS, and I am a medical marijuana patient. I use it for my spasticity, sleeplessness and I also used it to get off of the opiod medicines after a most recent surgery a lot sooner than a lot of people do.

    There is also another condition that can occur with heavy marijuana users, so I have heard, that can make them suddenly severely sick and the only thing that soothes it is hot showers or baths. The only cure is to stop partaking.

    Not saying that marijuana doesn't have drawbacks for some people. But then again, I am allergic to sulfa, so even pharma meds have that issue of allergic response. However, I will say this about CBD and you can take it how you will:

    I had been suffering for about 7 years or so with psoriasis on my feet. I mean, it looked like I had leprosy on my feet the scaling was so bad. I went to dermatologists and even after 6 months of UV it still didn't clear up. I moved to Illinois for their medical marijuana and I got a CBD bar from a dispensary (kind of like a lotion bar kind of, not something you eat) to help with muscle cramping in my legs. One week I was having really bad cramps in my feet and rubbed this bar on my feet, ankles and calf muscles (making sure I caught the culprit muscle that was causing the trouble). After a week of doing this every night I began to notice the scaling was reduced significantly by the third night. By the end of the week my feet were nearly completely back to normal. I continued applying this bar for about a month and a year later I am STILL psoriasis free. I do know that the CBD bar did contain a small amount of THC, so I do not know if that affected anything.

    As I said, you can take it how you like it. I just know that, for myself, it cured something that no doctor or pharma, or even technology could cure. It could have been a fluke, but I don't think it is. Perhaps, finally, a psoriasis cure that doesn't include "and death" as a side effect.

  20. Being someone who works in behavioral health, and more specifically in crisis mental health and substance detox, the argument for legalizing marijuana is unquestionable. Even from a purely recreational standpoint, unquestionable. Watch the agony of someone withdrawing from PRESCRIPTION pain meds, just once, and you will see the argument. Watch someone become psychotic, or have a seizure, because they are withdrawing from alcohol. Watch someone have a withdrawal seizure from benzos (ativan, Xanax, valium, etc). How about methadone? Used to "help" people with opiate addiction. The withdrawal is Typically WORSE than that of any other opiate detox, and lasts 2-5 times longer, depending on various factors. In fact, of all the opiate/opioid detoxers, heroin is typically less severe, but there are, again, variables in that, and many of our heroin users actually prefer oxy, dilaudid, fentanyl, etc, but it's more expensive. Many of our young opiate/opioid detox patients actually became dependent after being prescribed Norco or oxy after a broken bone, or dental surgery.
    We have no protocol for marijuana detox, because there isn't one. At worst, withdrawal may be irritability and headache, which is the same as caffeine withdrawal. There are some antidepressants (SSNRIs, for example; effexor, to name one specifically) that have SIGNIFICANTLY worse withdrawal if suddenly stopped than the biggest pothead ever would have.
    Then there's overdose deaths. All of 5 minutes research, marijuana wins, hands down. Period. Tylenol is more dangerous.
    It is seriously ridiculous, beyond belief, that the MAJORITY of my patients are there for, or as an end result of, LEGAL substances, but marijuana is illegal.
    From a medical standpoint, if there is even a possibility that pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, etc, may be more effectively treated in even a handful of cases, or equally effective, with less negative side effects, or even slightly less effective, but with less side effects, and available for those who are able to manage, and prefer fewer side effects, the case for legalization is inarguable.
    At this point, I'd say it is pretty evident that profit over people is the true motivator against legalization.

  21. CBD can be extracted from hemp. It works great for my nausea. It helps with some (but not all) of my pain. I have fibromyalgia, neuropathy and migraines.
    The major side effects I get are drowsiness, mild headaches, heartburn.
    OTC CBD oil contains minimal levels of THC. Not enough to get you high.
    I agree. Make it legal.

  22. Here is an anecdote from someone who uses medical marijuana for spasticity due to multiple sclerosis. I was able to stop using baclofen when I started using concentrated marijuana products. I had used for years for my nausea but i didnt get help with the spasticity until i moved on to concentrates.

  23. As someone who has fun with various things and also takes effective meds for some conditions, I find it ridiculous and annoying when people say that weed cures everything. While I think that everyone should have access to it, it really is misinforming and irresponsible to tell someone that weed will solve all of their problems.

  24. As a person with multiple chronic illnesses, from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome to Chiari Malformation and compete digestive system malfunction…I found your info a bit… off. I've researched the hell out of cbd and mmj. I can legally use cbd in all the states as it contains no thc. I cannot however use mmj in Texas unless I'm suffering from a seizure disorder and have 2 specialists sign off on the compassionate use. MMJ strains contain less thc than recreational mj. And have you ever watched a person with Parkinson's disease take quality cbd??? You should!!

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