1. THC is non accessible in cannabis UNTIL it is decarboxylated with a heat source at over 100 plus degrees Celsius for a specified time. All cannabis plants produce THCA and in that original form getting high just is NOT possible if you keep the heat below 90 C, but getting maximum health benefits ARE. Anyone can eat or juice raw cannabis but they will never achieve any feelings of being high simply because it hasn't been decarboxylated first and therefore cannot get through the blood brain barrier . What is possible however is to produce a medicinal product that is non psychoactive .. Those who always talk about cannabis also always state that it contains THC as its main ingredient , but they NEVER complete the actual full information by stating that without the decarboxylation process there can be NO highs or euphoric effects ( and no issues from the police because at the moment you cannot be fined for being in full control and completely sober of a motor vehicle ) ..We know that ALL governments always push the THC line as being the main ingredient in cannabis when the actual truth does NOT support that lie and their info should state that cannabis contains THCA from which THC can be obtained with the decarboxylation process. Perhaps these governments push their incomplete cannabis data to prevent us all from having good health , and big pharma would be very angry too
    Many people do not like the head or body buzz from cannabis but they will most likely benefit from a THCA version and so they will often stay away from cannabis because of that reason, but in reality a non decarboxylated product is most likely more beneficial because of the lower heat temperatures used to make a non psychoactive product . In the non decarboxylated form there will be no brain problems developing either so non adults may also benefit from cannabis in this form because all governments use the THC content as just another reason to prevent the masses from receiving health benefits from this plant. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal you can use one of the videos on the internet to make yourself a non psychoactive cannabis oil to boost your immune system so you don't catch one of those flu bugs that are being called COv19.

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