DOES CBD OIL HELP AUTISM? // To get answers to questions like “Does CBD Oil Help Autism?” “What are the benefits of CBD Oil for Autism?” or “How Does …


  1. My son make behaviour like autium he is 18 months old he dont know about his name but he play very well eye contact i confused adhd or autisum symtom he not sit one place and i can give him cbd oil

  2. Hi Dr. Patel- thank you for posting all this information. Is there a difference between taking CDB oil and Hemp extract? Also, is this something that I could give a 4 year old, and if so what would be an appropriate dose?

  3. Thank you very much for your information im considering giving cbd oil to my eighteen year old son.he has gottin more and more violent and uncontrolable i hope this works.

  4. Hi DR. my daughter has autism she's not verbal she is in Risperidone.25mg but I really want to try cbd oil is there any interaction with medicine if I start cbd oil? And how much will be the safe daily dose

  5. Hello Dr! I would love if you covered the subject of med marijuana and type 2 diabetes. Specifically someone who has revered Diabetes through diet and exercise (my a1c is back to normal according to my doc and lab work and I lost 65 pounds last year). I just want to know if it is safe for someone who has/had it. Thank you

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