CBD and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) – Does CBD Oil Help?

In this video, I go over if CBD helps Restless Leg Syndrome also commonly known as RLS. Watch this video to learn what I have experienced treating patients …


  1. I have been taking Requip/ROPINIRole 1mg for several years but lately I am having surges of RLS. I've also read sugar may add to this discomfort. Someone gave me a small bottle of New Leaf Naturals CBD oil drops 300mg. Do you have any comments? How do I see your response?

  2. Hey Dr Patel Hope you doing all fine during Quarantine.. I really want to know how can I tapper or wean off my Opioids that was prescribed to me 4 years ago for the first. Well I was born with Disability called scoliosis, Scoliosis is spine curvature disorder. My Parents were told about my medical disability they were told that I will need a surgery soon for the spine disorder because as I grow old my spine curve will get worse and pain even worst and since My Parents were not that fortunate to afford the surgery so they just let it be. Like Drs said, my medical condition started bother me a lot to the point that I became a regular 911 patient 🙁 No matter how hard or what ever I try I just simply could not keep up my Health started decline like big time. Well fast forward, I met this great surgeon name Dr Daniel Gelb he took my case and did two Major surgeries on me. My whole body is crooked as you can imagine with Scoliosis Spine like literally “S” shape and my neck is crocked as well. I am on Opioids since 2015 now I really wanted to tapper off of Oxycodone and muscle relaxer, I just got my medical marijuana card last month but I am way way confuse about how when what to take in order to take care of my pain at the same time wean off from the Opioids. Please Help please.

  3. Hi Dr. Patel I have an urgent question. I found out that marijuana has anticoagulant properties. I do not take warfarin or any kind of blood thinners, I am a relatively healthy 22 year old. However, due to weeds anticoagulant properties am i at an increased risk of bleeding out or does smoking large amounts for long periods of time result in any issues with my body, blood, or inr levels?

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