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  1. Great info, thank you; SNDL too many shares now. sharing info INTELGENX IGXT.
    Are you at all familiar with INTELGENX? IGXT IS absolutely unknown; huge deal with TILRAY put on hold with covid could break any day,
    They are in Cannabis AND Psilocybin (Signed deals with Heritage, Cybin, ATAI, Peter Thiel) a 12 drug pipeline including Alzheimer's, Rizaport (headaches) Cyalis Vetafilm for animal medications, just insane potential. 2 PDUFA dates to be assigned this year (either is worth an Easy $1 IMO.

    Please take a look, absolutely no one is following and frustrating that there are no professional opinions on this.

    MUCH appreciated and Subscribed !!

  2. Not a single mention of a US mso. That means he has no access to buy them, and is pumping up the lesser stocks which he owns. How obvious. US msos have FAR FAR FAR better earnings, less debt and more potential than any Canadian.

  3. Did you analysed FIRE.TO (supreme Cannabis). Good financials and international deals. Here in Canada, it’s one of the best weed for custumers in term of quality and one of the most solid management team I saw. Lot of volume past days. i’m in since 0,15

  4. I have looked into these but they have very poor financials and i believe are primarily canadian, so why would they benefit more than companies like curaleaf, trulieve, liberty and harvest who have better financials and us licenses?

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