Cannabis Stocks Rebounding!? Down on $TLRY or $APHA? Avoid these mistakes (Protect Your Portfolio)

Welcome to the first re-vamped episode of Sunday Coffee (Investing Edition). The theme of this week’s video is the stock price action from the previous trading …


  1. Dude, the Sunday Coffee intro with the music brought back some memories of when we were all just starting and figuring it out haha. Even though it's only been a couple of month I feel like we've been on this journey for a while and all doing it together.

    I'm glad you're evolving your content and adding more to it. That's awesome man. Sunday coffee V2 and I'm here for it!

  2. Thank you for these words of wisdom. I was about to sell my Tlry for a $20k loss tomorrow and buy something else more promising (where I can at least get back my lost) . I got in tlry at $49 , then I averaged down to $39, and it keeps dropping.
    I'll keep my 1600 shares of tlry then, hoping for some good news…

  3. I've been adding to tilray on the ups and downs for years now, Was following after deal with microcap INTELGENX IGXT, they have a global deal to sell cannabis on oral films "listerine strips" but in limbo with Covid IGXT is absolutely unknown a. Cannabis AND Psilocybin (Signed deals with Heritage, Cybin, ATAI, Peter Thiel) a 12 drug pipeline including Alzheimer's, Rizaport (headaches) Cyalis Vetafilm for animal medications, just insane potential. 2 PDUFA dates to be assigned this year (either is worth an Easy $1 IMO.
    Please take a look, absolutely no one is following.
    Past release: (“IntelGenx”), a leading oral drug delivery company, today announced the execution of a definitive license, development and supply agreement (the “Agreement”) with Tilray, Inc.

  4. I'd hardly say Cannabis in Canada is just getting started. The Canadian market is quite mature and is only projected to grow 6% over the next 5 years. The 52 week low on Tilray is only 10% of the current price and there's no reason their expansion into foreign markets will succeed as there will no doubt be home grown (no pun intended) companies to compete with them. Maybe the hype train will continue but I think the case for them holding these gains long term is pretty weak.

  5. Had a smaller position in Aphria since 2017. Went through 3 big drops. When it hit $35 Canadian took my profits. Did a total 180 and bought Fortis for the long steady dividend. Will I regret not waiting till the merger, maybe but a profit is a profit ?

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