Cannabis Stocks are SMOKIN' HOT! $SNDL, $TLRY, $APHA, $CGC, $CRON and $ACB News + Analysis

Did you guys take part in this rally? πŸ₯¬ Let me know in the comments! Also, you can support the channel by liking the video and checking out the links below.


  1. Hey – you should check out AFCG, an IPO going live Tuesday. They specialize in (to this point) medical cannabis real estate. Probably a slow burn, but maybe a good mix of trending and solid launch numbers.

  2. Had to break 420+th comment sorry guys

    They mention reddit. Reddit did what exactly? LOLLL

    Why did cannabis stocks halt for a bit this morning went down then back up a bit only to plummet after its news?
    So every stock they surge they will now say due to reddit???
    Then it's "regulated"??? Oh causing a decline?

  3. This guy is my Warren Buffet! Had less than 10k in my porfolio in mid Dec 2020. As of market close today, I have over $120k following all his plays!!!!! Feel free to reach out to me for proof if you want! Legend! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. Royce, my man. Massive fan! Part of the wave$ fam. Exciting β€œU.S” weed stock. Planet 13 (PLNHF)…Have an insane super store in Vegas. Currently building a second in Cali. I see a lot of potential. Would love to see you do a video on them. Making wave$ with you bro!!!

  5. I never realised how much power Royce words have until today the bubble popped….. Should have sold when I was up 33000 on 1 account and 17000 on the other while getting ready for work they started tanking luckily I caught everything before I lost all my games because you can't set a stop loss on webull until 8:00 a.m…..still up 50000 for week

  6. Hey Royce, I just started recently investing in stocks. And this morning I made 140$ this morning just buy buying and investing in SOS limited and SNDL! But I wanted to start doing stock options but at a safe rate. I’m currently budgeting with $1,000 and looking to make into more. Can you help advise me how to start it?

  7. Sold 50% of my SNDL ($3.50), TLRY ($73.20), and APHA ($28.25) positions in after-market trading last night after significant jumps in price after hours. Thanks Royce! I'll be looking to get back in on the coming dips.

  8. Just curious…. yesterday you said you would get your out of SNDL at 2.15… did you and up holding or was that for the pleps? (i'm salty as i got out at 2.17 following advice) πŸ™‚ gonna be a crappy day!

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