Cannabis plants leaves wrinkling turning brown on the edges wish I knew why

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  1. Overwatering is the #1 problem with indoor growers. That and to much light and too many nutrients. Your only supposed to water roughly once a week in the beginning of veg. Don't water till it runs off either. I thought you had to water till you see runoff and i still ended up rotting the root hairs. Since i did that the roots couldn't absorb the magnesium. You really need to follow the grow boss live shows if you wanna do this the right way. People who are growers ALWAYS overthink this shit. Just leave them alone and just them grow buddy! Good luck!🤘

  2. Brother…use milk 8 parts water 1 part milk for pow mildew from now on…..good stuff.
    Looks like its been hot….or to close to light to me my brother……maybe a flush and fan and see what she does in a couple days.
    Like. Led !~~

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