1. This is a great video and explains something I learned first hand. When I was younger I smoked a lot of pot. And it is possible to smoke yourself sober. So I believe Mr Burns when he says the brain stops taking THC uptake. I know from first hand experience.

  2. Very uneducated public on the whole marijuana issue! Can't reason with addicts! No sense in trying! Use of any substance dose not coincide with success! All you pot heads only listen to the hemp folks! These people all have some kind of financial interest! They are preying on your ignorance! Possibly if your not high you can begin to understand what I'm talking about! JK

  3. Seriously, why do people need substances to get high? Marijuana still hurts your lungs so it's not worth it for recreational purposes. Why not just meditate, do a hobby you like, eating a good food you like(in moderation), or exercise if you must get a high? It's cost effective, has a longer lasting high, and is totally or almost totally risk free?

  4. The University I attend recently received a grant to conduct a marijuana brain study. My Cellular Neuroscience professor is on the research team and was talking about this to us. His theory is THC is able cross the membrane barrier of the neurons is not because of the receptors but because THC is a gas making it permeable, such as carbon monoxide or nitric oxide which we all know may be detrimental. I will def. present this theory to him when in class tomorrow. very interesting

  5. april 20th is my bday and its the first 3 numbers in my social number cant be a coincidence and i usally will go lift and run afterwords for at least 2 hours i dont know where people get it makes you lazy and so on and so forth

  6. It does effect the heart, quite a lot actually. I increases heart rate up to 40% and reduces blood pressure through vasodilation. But it's effects on the heart are like that of going for a light jog which is why it is either not known of or extremely rare to have adverse side effects on the heart. It also has some other benefits other than lowering blood pressure like protection from cell hypoxia (cells deprived of oxygyn) which might actually counter the corbon moxide in smoke.

  7. im completely for legalization, and agree with all you say. but the only part of the video i dont understand is when you were talking about how it doesnt affect the heart. when i get high, my heart rate is affected.. it beats faster (i know it wont ever kill me or anything though lol).

  8. The DEA situation is like making the fox in charge of the hen coop which doesn't make any sense what so ever. Look at the industrial hemp license that farmers have been trying to get for years from the DEA. Why is that even needed from the DEA when it is an industrial agricultural crop? It is a ridiculous situation as it is structured at present. The DEA's own judge ruled Cannabis should be re-scheduled only to be over ruled by the head of the DEA.

    The emperor wears no clothes at present.

  9. Yes, it is preventive. But I have to eat right, with Hemp seed oil, chlorella and vitamin c. If I don’t eat that at munchies, I feel lazy the next morning. I smoke for more almost 24 years, I am thorough healthy and I have an IQ around 130 (depends on what scale). I know there are many smarter people than me, but I am smart enough to know that this man talks valid and true information.

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